What brought Obama the glorious victory?

  • “No need to boo; we need to vote”, a campaign slogan, that Obama repeatedly used in the later stages of the campaign whenever his supporters booed at John McCain or Sarah Palin,  earned respect for him and made people to look down on John McCain’s camp, as his supporters were gladly booing at Obama all the time. Even worse was that McCain seemed to be cherishing the boos until the conceding speech in which he visibly disliked the boo.
  • Obama focused on talking about the issues whereas McCain talked about Obama. And Obama did not miss that opportunity to project himself as a gentleman and McCain as whiner. Obama himself vocally highlighted this in the last few days of the campaign.
  • The media joined hands strongly in praising Obama. People still didn’t get an answer for John McCain’s reasonable question that why LA Times tried to protect Obama by hiding the tape about his meeting with Palestinian Rashid Khalidi, an anti-israeli.  (I personally think there is nothing wrong about it, even if Obama had met with him. After all, Obama is consistent with his policies that he wanted to engage people like President Ahmedinijad in diplomacy. But I do believe, Obama should have requested LA Times to disclose the tape, irrespective of the reply from LA Times)
  • Obama never allowed McCain to disassociate himself from President Bush. That’s a very powerful strategy and Obama really worked hard on this. This is a straight, decent campaign.
  • Republicans themselves were not that fond of seeing McCain as president. So lot of them started endorsing Obama. The last heart break for McCain was Colin Powell’s endorsement though McCain downplayed Powell’s endorsement.
  • McCain, chose Sarah Palin as his running mate instead of selecting one of the highly qualified people, waiting in line for the position. McCain felt he could get all the women votes that were behind Hillary Clinton, who lost the primaries, narrowly. This selection projected McCain to people that he would condescend to any level for the victory. Though, this strategy made democrats to panic for a week or two initially, it backfired on McCain
  • When Bristol Palin announced her pregnancy, Obama never used the news against McCain’s campaign. Instead he declared that if anyone from his own campaign used it, he or she would be fired. That made him walk tall before lot of voters.
  • Beyond all these, a smart African-American raising to a level of presidential nominee of a major political party doesn’t happen that often. People didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make history. When a first African-American becomes the president, a great lot want to be part of that history. Most of other races like Asians, Hispanics, etc. were also inclined to become part of that history.