‘There are four things a person needs for success,’ God said.
I will tell you the two obvious ones first.

One, a medium amount of intelligence,
and two, a bit of imagination. Agreed?

‘Agreed,’ everyone said.

‘And all of you have those qualities,’ God said.

‘What are the third and the fourth?’ Vroom said.

The third thing you need for success is self-confidence.

‘The fourth ingradient is the most painful one.
And it is something all of you still need to learn.
Because it is often the most important thing,’ God said.

‘What?’ I said.

‘Failure,’ God said.

‘What? I thought you were talking about success,’ Vroom said.

‘Yes, to be really successful, you must face failure.
You have to experience it, feel it, taste it, suffer it.
Only then can you shine,’ God said.

‘Why?’ Priyanka said.

‘For once you taste failure, you have no fear.
You can take risks more easily. Then you don’t want
to snuggle in your comfort zone anymore —- you are
ready to fly. And success is about flying, not snuggling,’
God said.

‘Point,’ Priyanka said.

‘So, here is a secret. Never be afraid of failure.
If it has come your way, it means I want to give
you a real shot at being successful later, God said.

‘Cool,’ Priyanka said.

‘Thank you,’ God said.