Jeyamohan’s has started writing in Indian express again. I didn’t know he wrote for Indian Express in the past. His latest article is here.

I am becoming a fan of Mr.Jeyamohan (thanks to RV). I felt exactly the same way as Mr. Jeevanantham felt. Some of the scenes in “Slumdog Millionaire” is similar to “Eezaam Ulagam”.  I am afraid that “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Eezaam Ulagam” are mutually exclusive in creating the shock in viewer’s/reader’s mind. One is going to steal the impression of the shock or awe or both that would be created in the minds of viewers/readers from the other.  That depends on what they viewed/read second, as they would have been already introduced to begging as industry  and beggars as commodity in the first. Having said that, I would say still both has the capacity to create a melancholic impression. However the credit should go to Mr.Jeyamohan as he wrote “Eezaam Ulagam” almost half a decade ago.