Anand is one step closer to being the world champion. Now Kramnik needs to win 3 games out of 4, and he is going to play 2 of those games as black. He has a notorious record as black – he has won something like 1 game out of the last 50 games as black. It is not like he cannot play black, but his focus as black has been to equalize and get a draw quickly. He needs to break a habit of lifetime and win at least one game as black.

I thought Anand was at disadvantage today. I couldn’t figure out his move Rd3 at all. It seemed premature. Also his knight was more or less out of the game.

But he did fight psychologically. Again, he was the first one to depart from the books and get a new move in. He again didn’t castle, and tried to keep open lines against the white king. Kramnik played well, but he couldn’t capitalize on his tiny advantage and break through.

Anand is almost there!

P.S. The best live commentaries come from Dennis Monokroussos

Judit Polgar gives a running commentary.

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