Game looked interesting for the most part. Kramnik very carefully and accurately neutralized. Comments here

This is a game for chess afficianados. No fireworks, no breathtaking sacrifices, queens off the board early in the game. Interesting game because Kramnik deliberately unbalanced the position, but got the worst of it. He was hoping to get a good knight against a bad bishop, but Anand cramped his knight for moves. The balance was in Anand’s favor. However, it was not a winning advantage. Kramnik steadily neutralized, and built a pawn fortress. Neither king can break through to opponent’s territory.

Anand is closer to winning the title. Kramnik needs to win 3 out 5 remaining games to push this into tiebreaker, and 4 out of 5 to win the title outright. That is a miracle at this level. The last time a grandmaster was dominated that way was when Fischer beat Taimanov 6-0 in a 6 game match, and followed it up with a 6-0 result against Larsen as well. Kramnik is no Fischer…