Anand is almost there – he won again, now leads by 2 points, and Kramnik needs to win at least 2 games out of the next 7 to take it to the tiebreaker. That is going to be difficult.

Today’s games followed game 3 to a large extent. I couldn’t follow it, managed to sneak at it only after the game was over. Very nice game. Susan Polgar – a great player herself – wrote in her post that Nxd4 on move 29 would be the worst move that Kramnik can make, and Kramnik went ahead and made that exact move. Susan knew he had lost right then – poor patzers like me needed to wait until the denouement unfolded. Ne3 on move 34 was awesome!

I gotta admit that if I were Kramnik, I would have continued to play by giving away my rook (Rc7) and trying a swindle with my two connected passed pawns. Clearly Kramnik knew that is not going to work against a player like Anand. 🙂