I saw this story this morning in cricinfo.

Ponting says “Anil [Kumble] was the one who didn’t want that [a pact on trusting the fielder’s word] after the Sydney Test for one reason or the other”. Yep, Kumble would have to be a fool to continue that agreement when Australians, including Ponting, resort to lying about whether a catch was made legally. Now Ponting is spinning this in a way that shifts the blame to Kumble – it is Kumble who doesn’t want to beleive that cricketers are gentlemen!

Yeah, right. Cricketers, especially Australians, play cricket the “hard way” – that includes lying. I can live with that – you play the game the way you want. But this sanctimonious hypocrisy, this holier than thou attitude is the ultimate spin!

Ponting has been a failure as a batsman in India. Looks like he is trying to become a spinner – and if his initial salvo is any guide, he is on his way to become a great spinner!