We all know the arguments. To summarize:

Murali throws, period.

Murali doesn’t throw. It is an illusion due to his double jointed whatever. Anyway, scientific tests show that everybody throws. Even bowlers like Holding bent their arms. That is why we have a rule of 15 degrees right now. Murali was tested in laboratory conditions and he doesn’t throw.

My $0.02 worth:
This 15 degree rule is bullshit. Are the umpires measuring the degree with protractors? Do we really expect humans to distinguish between 20 degrees bend and 15 degrees bend? This cannot be enforced. Any rule that cannot be enforced is just stupid.

Testing under lab conditions doesn’t clear anybody. If you have a policeman watching every move I make, you bet I won’t steal even if Fort Knox is unguarded before my eyes. What is to prevent anybody from throwing in match conditions and saying that he has been cleared with tests?

Murali is born with this condition. Penalizing him is discrimination. Huh? By this logic, even if I am blind, I should be given a driver’s license.

Every bowler has thrown. Why should Murali be penalized for an optical illusion? First of I don’t buy the theory of optical illusion. Secondly, the only instrument that the umpires have is their eye. Until a throw-o-meter comes along, they should continue to use their eyes. If they use their eyes, Murali throws.

So should Murali be banned from cricket?

Nope, I don’t think so. First of all, why is throwing such a bad thing? Because it makes it harder for the batsman? So what is wrong in tilting the balance towards the bowlers to some extent? My beef is the discrimnination against other bowlers. Rajesh Chauhan lost a couple of years because of the insinuation he throws. Whenever Harbhajan looks like he is taking wickets, you invariably hear that he throws his doosra. So what? Simply make throwing legal. At least, make a 50 degree role instead of this ridiculous 15 degree rule.

As things stand now, Murali is a sacred cow for Sri Lankans. Asian countries form a clique in ICC, so they stand united.

The only argument I would buy is if the probability of severe injury increases significantly because throwing is legalized. I don’t think it makes the sport any more dangerous – but I am no expert and if somebody like Ian Chappell thinks that way, then I will reconsider my stand.